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We can offer a wide variety of services.


Using a conventional camera to capture beautiful photographs you expect is still true for us. So Portrait shoots are of course available from us. There is no standard price as every job is 100% individual to your own needs and quoted accordingly. Not limiting ourselves to just this style. We can capture your pets or what ever you think you might want a Photo of.



Conventional Camera

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With the introduction of the Drone into the mainstream, this new and exciting technology has brought new possibilities to photography. So we can now take on new levels and approaches to the images we can now capture.

Our business is proud to be licensed and skilled in offering aerial as an option. As with using a conventional equipment we tailer every job around what you, our customer needs. 

The main caveat to this service is we can’t and won’t shoot in bad or dangerous conditions or where the location is also high risk to us and others.



Drone Camera

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Printing and framing is also available at an extra cost on request on images we produce.

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