How to make Bookings

Like most businesses we have a few options to make it easier for you get your booking made.

  • Phone us direct.  07564 645797
  • Send an email to
  • Fill in the form you see on this page where it is all handled and confirmed immediately.



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What you are getting with a booking.

We ask that a fee of £20 is paid to confirm your bookings. This is non returnable and included in final costs of the job.

This is to stop the chance of people waisting everyones time with a false appointment.

  • For a conventional camera job e.g. a portrait.
  • We work by the hour. So a booking fee of £20 will book us for 1 hour 

of course if we agree longer is needed in pre-job discussions then we will let you know.

  • Bookings made for Drone jobs e.g. A roof survey, we would normally book 2 separate dates because the weather can effect us being able to fly. Even though it is 2 dates we still only require a single £20 fee. This is non returnable but included in the final job bill.
  • The Drone jobs are the same and a £20 booking confirms us for 1 hour.

Instructions for the automated online service

To make an automated booking please follow these steps :

  1. select the date calendar below.
  2. select the time slot out of the available for that day
  3. fill in your contact email address for confirmation.
  4. enter the security code in the box.
  5. click on the submit buttom

It’s that easy.

If you have any problems please click on Contact Us above

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We can accept many payment options as seen below.