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Let us tick all the boxes

Welcome to Ainsworth Digital.

Ainsworth Digital is a family run photography / videography business that offers an individually tailored service to you.

Q: You are now asking why should you come to us?

It’s a good and fair question.

The basic point is we love photography and have a passion for modern technology. Therefore we enjoy what can be done when you mix it all together. The possibilities of the images you can deliver from it.

We all have smartphones and yes the cameras are great but if we want more than a snap on a phone. Let us say a photo printed large enough to go on the wall as a main feature, like a Portrait, then we are confident a smartphones can’t compete with what dedicated equipment can achieve. 

We have tried it. So this is why we decided to get these great cameras and amazing  printer so it is at our disposal all the time. With these we can now capture that great photograph and print it large enough to hang it on a wall with it looking as clear and vibrant as one we could be looking at on our smartphone screen. 

Then comes the new kid on the block the ‘DRONE’.

These sadly have got a lot of bad press and a complete miss understanding. Ok so yes you can pop to a shop or go online and get yourself an amazing Drone that will do great photos and video I won’t deny that at all.

What makes our Drone so different? Well the size is one thing meaning more stable in the air, much more powerful and flexible, with the added ability to fly real fast if needed too.

Its camera is more like what you would see us holding in a portrait studio, it can be aimed in any direction regardless of where the Drone is pointing meaning it is so much more flexible in its uses.

The catch to thinking ‘I will just do that then’….

To fly and use a Drone for any type of reward you need to pass both theory and practical exams and be awarded permission from the CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority ) expensive and not easy. 

A: Our answer is simple.

We own the handheld camera, the mobile studio equipment that we use for portrait jobs. Also have our own top quality large printer, not forgetting we have also taken the Drone Exams and have our CAA approval. We have the insurance and we have the Drone.

‘So just let us worry about the how we get the shot.’ 

You just tell us the when…

So to summarise..

  • Professional Level Camera. 
  • Portable Studio Equipment.
  • Large format Professional Printer.
  • Professional Quality Drone.
  • Professionally Trained and Qualified Pilots.
  • CAA Approval for commercial work.
  • We have Insurance.