Our Story


David Ainsworth

Photographer / Drone Pilot / Company Owner

Based in Chilwell, Nottingham.







Welcome to Ainsworth Digital.

Ainsworth Digital is a family run photography / videography business that offers an individually tailored service to you.

So who am i?

Well I am someone who loves Photography as a whole and like most I started young with a cheap 35mm compact camera and fell in love with just taking photos of everything and places I went. Of course as time has gone on this love has grown and grown and adapted into the new technologies and equipment capabilities that have come along with Digital being the main one. Like most I would still photograph any and everything but as people started to see the photographs I was producing i started to receive more and more positive comments on what was now becoming a portfolio of various subject matters. This was when I decided that after the success I had been having photographing people I would start a journey into being a portrait photographer thinking this would be a great career opertunity. I have had a lot of fun with this and even though it is hard work I have decided maybe my real strength might be in other directions but still within the digital imagining area, gladly I do still do portraits when asked though and continue to enjoy it. With the evolution of cameras and what you can do with them my interest turned to the outdoor subjects again and as if by magic the era of the Drone arrived. Very much like everyone else I started flying the toy ones you can readily get and zoom round your house worry free. With how much fun these were I progressed all the way up to what I know have which I am proud to say is a state of the art Professional cinema-graphic Drone capable of delivering amazing quality stills and video just like my DSLR Portrait camera but from high in the air. Even though I still love my handheld photography and continue with this my knowledge of that has transferred directly into my Drone imagery. Now my images can come from the land and the sky in equally glorious detail.

Due to the rules, regulations and Laws regarding using my Drone as part of my business I have had to take extensive training both in the classroom and actual flight training to meet the requirements demanded by the CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority) so I can bring all this amazing technology to you. Following my training and passing all the associated exams in both theory and practical flying I completed and passed both my Flight Assessment and my IDPS Exams (or as it is also known UAO, BNUC, RPQ) which are a statutory qualification required by the CAA so I can now offer you my services as a Drone operator. I am proud to say that all my hard work now means I get to work hard for you no mater what the job might be. 


I have no wish to ever have to say “Sorry but i don’t do that”. I operate in a way that everything can have a solution but within all the rules.


Should you want to know more please click HERE to go to my contact page it would be nice to hear from you.